How This Silent Condition Stopped 6 1/2 Years Of Acceleration

We can’t see our thoughts and yet they are the biggest determining factor for everything we have in our lives.

…To how long we will live.
…To how much we will earn.
…To who we will marry.
…To how we feel about ourselves.

They all emulate from our thoughts.

And yet, I’ve never even seen them. Not even one of them. But…I can see the effects of them.

How can something so invisible affect so much…?

In the world of investing there is another invisible “thingy” that is as powerful, in this case, to investment returns.

AND…it just stopped a $20 trillion market in its tracks. Newton would be proud…

What equal and opposite force could possibly stop a stable up trending $20 trillion market?

Join me for this Thanksgiving weekend podcast where I share with you my thoughts about this one invisible “thingy” that is affecting us all.  Even if we can’t see it.

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I started Fearless Wealth, LLC in June of 1998 with the purpose of providing clear guidance to people who wanted to know what really works in investing.

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RC Peck, CFP