For Women Only. How To Invest Better.

I was raised by three women…

My mom, my oldest sister Tonya and my older sister Tara. I was the youngest of three kids growing up in Illinois in the 1980s.  And to make things even harder for my mom, all three of us were (and still are) within three years of each other.

My dad was mostly out of the picture as he was (and still is) a workaholic. No blame just stating the facts. The house was filled with estrogen.

One house. One hardworking dad. One hardworking mom. And two older sisters.

And so I got a front row seat to see how boys, and eventually, mens’ actions would hurt girls and eventually women.

Sidenote: This also meant I grew up in a house where you wore “outfits” and not clothes. Where you noticed good looks in men or women. Where skincare was important. Where talking about periods and tampons was normal.

And I believe the world is starting to catch up to the Peck household of the 1980s. So let me tell you why this matters to investing.  

Investment Lessons From Wreck It Ralph

I took both my kids to the opening day of Ralph Breaks The Internet. And you know what? The lead roles were played by strong females. But they weren’t wearing princess dresses waiting to be saved (Hello Cinderella) by overly muscled men.

They did the saving.

And this is important because for too long women have been taught by Disney and the rest of our culture that women are best if they can find a man to take care of them.

And now Disney is having to face their own music. This Wall Street Journal article goes into how Disney is having to “deal” with the powerful female. The one who doesn’t need the man to save them, or invest for them.

People don’t want the petit princess getting saved by the big strong male anymore. They want powerful females (without tiaras). And they’re getting it.  

Thank goodness.

Because for too long, girls and women have been taught that…

Men know what’s best for investing. Why? Because… well… ah, they’re men?

And you know why people think that? Because that’s how most people’s parents taught them. Learning first comes from parents and NOT culture.

Sidenote: I’m proof that parents rule over culture. I grew up in 1980’s midwest culture. And yet my Mom and Dad knew they had to get their kids out of the country to see the world.

We grew up on a working class income but somehow my mom and dad knew traveling international was a key part of learning. It still amazes me to this day how they pushed us overseas early on. We’d often go to countries people had never heard of. Belize in the 1980’s and Malta in the 1990s were just two examples.

Did you know that my mom managed the finances in my house? She did. And because of it I’m a very good saver… By the time I was 26 I had paid off all of my student loans (I paid ⅓ of my college).

Women Need A Man To Have A Great Life.

That was the message Disney and the rest of the world told girls (and women). And it didn’t stop with a great life. I’ve seen this message being passed on so many times in investing.

The women walks into an office to see a new advisor with her husband and guess what happens? The advisor starts putting the majority of their attention on the husband in the room.

And here’s what’s crazy. It doesn’t matter if the advisor is a male or female.

But… here’s what’s funny.

Women are [much] better investors.

Fidelity Investments did a study that shows women are in fact better at investing. And there are many other supporting studies that show women are much better. The University of California, Berkeley did a study too, the results? Women beat men. And here’s study that finds the gap between men and women is even bigger than what Berkeley or Fidelity found.  

The bottom line: Women are better investors.

In my 20 years of working with people and their money. Women [almost] across the board implement, follow and learn faster than men.

You know why? They keep their egos out of it.

A women can look at the image below of the S&P500 this year and hear its in a trading range and that there’s not much to do until the price breaks out above or below that band and thinks, “okay, nothing much to do here until something changes. And then the women’s brain can move on, until something changes.

SPY in a trading range

But a man… he’ll look at the same image (above) and think, “How can I trade that?”

So if you were not raised by three women in the 1980’s midwest, then perhaps getting trained by the guy that was might grow your stability.

And just one more thing, if you want to know what the best countries are to live in you can find that here. And guess what those countries are also best at? That’s right. How they treat their women. The best countries to live in are also the same ones that treat their women best. And it’s this that will be the downfall of all the Saudi Arabia’s out there.

Male or female. Small or large country. The more the investor uses the skills of women to invest, the more stability they have.

In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP

P.S. The year is closing out soon so if you are curious about how a well trained brain can manage your money better. Get on my calendar and we can go through your portfolio and I can personally show you where all your leaks are.



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