I don’t know what to do…



There are two modes to my Market Probability Strategy.

…Green Light Mode, which the stock market is in 78% of the time.

…And Red Light Mode, which the stock market is in 22% of the time.

I have another mode that lives within Green Light Mode, and it’s called Yellow Light Mode.

The main job of Yellow light mode is to caution investors that instability is in the market and “it” (the market) is deciding whether to continue trending higher or make a turn and start trending lower in an unstable downward trend.

Every year, while the S&P500 is in Green Light Mode, there are one to eight Yellow Light Modes testing the uptrend.

And today, we are in Yellow Light Mode for the seventh time this year, that’s a lot.

“I don’t know” if the next mode will switch back to Green (bullish) like it has done for the past three and a half years or if Red Light Mode is days away.

Here’s the best part.

You, me, “us”…we don’t have to know what’s next. The strategy will simply let us know.

And this is key to growing your money well.

Have a strategy that doesn’t care about the direction of the market.

And have a strategy that expects the market [at times] to drop 50% to 70%… because it will.

It has already happened twice in fifteen years.


The people who’ve had the hardest time with the stock market’s violent price movements the past seven trading days are the ones that had no strategy.

Or a strategy that only works if the market goes up.

So with that I want to show you three price charts from this past week.

…one price chart shows just how violent [and historic] the move over the past seven trading days was.

…and the other two charts will put the move in the correct frame for you.

You can get access to the podcast right here. 

Have a great weekend.


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