If You Are Between 52 to 72 This Might Be Killing You.


There’s a cycle that is killing people’s futures.

It’s the cycle that moves them between buying at a high price because they have a fear of losing out, and so they buy.

And then the price starts to fall and they have the fear of losing money, and so they sell.

It’s a cycle that moves them between these two fears.

I’ve never believed in the fear and greed thing.

From my twenty plus years of research I’ve only noticed fear of losing out AND fear of losing money that drives investment decisions.

And that is why I called my company Fearless Wealth when I started it in 1997.

It was because of this cycle.

How’d I figure it out?


My dyslexia forced me to use my pattern recognition brain to look for visual clues to the answers.

And I saw this same cycle over and over in people’s investment accounts. EVERY time.

The question for me became – “What forced someone to stay in this cycle” between “the fear of losing out” and “the fear of losing money?”

The answer came from one likely and one unlikely place.

1) The likely place:
The big box advisers telling me to never get out and take every catastrophic fall in the market because that’s what is best. REALLY? That didn’t make sense.

that led me to the unlikely place…

2) The story-based “pick-of-the-month” newsletter industry, and its collection of 7-figure financial writers wanting me to believe that the answer was a daily deluge of stock picks.

And since most of you likely have three to five newsletter subscriptions right now I wanted to show you something that just might save your life.

And if not, it will make your life much better.

You can get access to the podcast right here.

In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP