Investing is 1 Thing and 1 Thing Only

The last place people look is often the place they should start. But the problem is that place feels too bad to even go there. And so they put it off, sometimes forever, and sometimes for a ‘only’ a couple decades. 

Investing is the platform where your relationship to your feelings and emotions often gets expressed. And just so we are clear—having a lot of money doesn’t mean you have a great relationship with your money. It’s not that simple. I know very scared deca-millionaires and hundred-thousand-aires alike. The amount is only part of it. 

So why am I talking about relationships to money and investing?

First, because it’s the entire game. Get this right and you get everything else right. But get this wrong and it doesn’t matter how many newsletters, services, tweets, degrees, etc. you have. 

Secondly, this week a 20-year old Robinhood trader took his life when he (seemingly) misread  or misunderstood what he was looking at on his trading app. Not knowing how to manage and engage with those really big feelings, he took his life. 

It’s a cautionary tail on many levels, and a very sad one. It really show us  how the response to information is the one thing that drives all investment results. And information is everywhere and at all times manipulating your feelings. 

In this week’s video, I cover four topics:

  1. Robinhood Traders
  2. How it can feel scary even if you are in the right investment.—even when that investment is going up. 
  3. Why owning something different like gold can often feel worse than owning what everyone else owns, even if gold is going higher. 
  4. A new 2k For 10k course. 

P.S. I’m excited to be launching my first DIY course. It’s called 2k For 10k. If you like what you read and watch from me, then you are going to love this 2k For 10K Course.


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