Is Gold Really Worth $1500?


FACT: Gold is the only bubble in history backed by an asset that hardly anyone owns.

In 1792 the Second Congress of the United States passed the Coinage Act. The act established that a US dollar was defined as 24.1 grams of pure silver.

Fast forward 220 years.

Today the US dollar is defined by…well…nothing.

It’s actually being defined by other undefined currencies like the ten year old European currency experiment called “The Euro”.

Or the 65 year old “we-have-so-much-debt-we-stopped-counting” Japanese Yen.

And then there’s the “we-are-in-worse-shape-than-the-US” British Pound.

So when people ask what’s gold worth [or silver] I ask back, what is the dollar worth?

And today the answer is:

The dollar is worth 1/1515th of an ounce of gold (and 1/46th ounce of silver).

Where can silver and gold go?

Wrong question.

Where will the US Dollar, the Euro, the Pound, and the Yen fall to? That is the question you want to be asking.

And it looks like they are all racing to the bottom.

I’ve been recommending gold and silver since 2004. At the time, it did not seem like a perfect time to buy. The metals had already gone up 80% and NO ONE was talking about them, not even negatively.

The only thing investors wanted to talk about back then was the stock market, it is still true today.  

Imagine, gold just hit $1500 an ounce and it barely gets covered…and most of that coverage is negative. Imagine the ticker tape parade if the Dow Jones just hit 64,000.

Dow 64,000 is the equivalent of what the Dow Jones would be at today if it had the same run gold and silver have had since 2001.

The bottom line is that gold and silver are no longer cheap. And they still do not seem to be the perfect buy to 99% of investors. BUT they still have a long way to go until we really are in bubble territory.

My best advice:

1)    Buy some gold and silver

2)    Hide it

3)    Turn off the TV

4)    And start preparing yourself so you will be able to sell it in five years.  

Together we are growing and protecting your wealth,

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