Is It The Final Inning For Gold, The US$ And The S&P500?

There are two things I love about Baseball…

(1) It’s a really slow game so I get to have very long, uninterrupted conversations with the person I’m going to the game with.

(2) The game never ends in a tie. There’s always a winner and loser.

There are three major assets that are acting very ‘9th-inning-like’ when it comes to their actions. The questions that have been in my head are…

Are there going to be extra innings?

Are we going to see extra innings in the trends of these three asset classes?

Because if we are, then the portfolios of 100’s of millions of people are going to have to shift.

You can click the link below to see this weekend’s full podcast where I explore the impacts of extra innings on three of the most important assets in the world.

You can get access to it right here.


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