Is Peak Gold Upon Us?

Peak Gold is an idea I’ve borrowed from the [debunked] Peak Oil theory.

The theory for Peak Oil was that the world would run out of oil. And therefore the price of oil would continue to rise higher and higher until one day, oil would only be sold in eight ounce cans and used for specialty purposes only.

Clearly that did not happen because something called horizontal drilling, hydraulic fracturing, AND most importantly, $3 trillion dollars printed by The Fed and their ZIRP (zero interest rate policy).

The combination of those three things allowed for half a trillion dollars in debt to be borrowed by the energy industry to refine their “oil extraction” technology.

And just like that…no more Peak Oil.

So what about “Peak Gold”?

Unlike oil, gold is never used up. And in fact is stored in very expensive vaults all over the world.

So how can there be a Peak Gold situation?

It’s happening because supply and demand for the yellow stuff over the next three to five years is going to need a much higher price to find equilibrium.

Let me briefly explain in this weekend’s podcast. You can click right here.


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