John Mauldin is Kind-of Sort-of Very Wrong

“...we appear to be reaching a
slowdown in the bull market…” 

John Mauldin Economics 

I got an email from John Mauldin’s newsletter service on Friday, November 1st 2019. Picture of it below.

This date is important as his email says “the bull market is slowing down” but one of his services has the…wait for it, solution to finding the right stock and one of his affiliates has the answer. 

People have been taught that the right stock is the answer but actually if you notice what happens during market falls of 40% to 60%, it doesn’t matter what stock you own. If you own stocks when the stock ship sinks your stock is going down with the ship. Period.

If the stock ship sinks 60% like the 2008 Global Financial Crises and your stock pick only falls 45% did you win???

We are taught stocks are the answer or alternative investments that are uncorrelated with the market are the answer but the problem with those uncorrelated investments are they perform so poorly. 

One of the problems people face is who to believe. John is a likeable guy who has over a million people reading his letters each week. So by the size of his list, he must know something you don’t.

But how can you have confidence that John is right? It’s one thing to like or trust someone, it’s another to have your stock picks go down with the ship. 

And so what if the bull market is slowing down. Can’t a bull market “slowly” move higher for five more years will still moving higher? And what does “slowing down” even mean?

But what if John is actually completely wrong? What if the bull market is speeding up, turning higher, moving faster…? Then what John. 

People are not prepared. But not how they might be thinking. 

Below I show you in no-less than 18 verifiable pieces of evidence (read: price charts and NOT economic data) that in fact the bull market is…well. I’ll let the video do the heavy lifting.  

Caveat Lector….

In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP

PS – Hello my Money Badgers… I have five extra’s for you this week. 

1. Do you have a morning routine yet…?
This parody on morning routines and biohacking is so spot-on and hilarious I just had to share it with you.

2. So few words…
“The worst crime that an analyst can commit is remaining bearish in the face of a rising market.”  Richard Russell (Dow Theorist)

3. Micro-Training
I can train your money to grow 30% faster without trading, timing or having to tune into the latest news cycle. And I can do it right now, this hour. Here’s the details.

4. If you like movies…
Here is an interesting list of movies coming out in November. What is so striking to me is how many are coming out in theaters only to come out on Netflix less than 30 days later.

5. Put this in the category of “this is not what bear markets look like…


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