Lifetime Highs…Is This For Real?

Better than any other tool, the stock market has the ability to do one thing better than anyone or anything else.

And that one thing…

…to gather all the information from all of its participants on the planet. From Warren Buffett to the individual investor that just made his first trade.

…to then digest that information and look into the future three, six, nine, twelve months and tell us if the future is getting brighter (market higher) or darker (market lower).

Well, the market has spoken.

But even more important than the S&P500 breaking out to new lifetime highs, is that this other very important sector broke out to new lifetime highs too.

And it’s this one sector that has led the way when the S&P500 has had great years.

Join me in my weekend podcast where I show you what sector is leading the entire market higher…and why it’s important.

Together, we are accelerating your wealth,

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