Manipulation always works at the beginning…

Manipulation always works at the beginning…

…That’s why Central Bankers never learn.

And if you add arrogance and hubris to this recipe you get Central Bankers watching the direction of the stock market for their next clue…

…and not employment rates and price stability.

After all, according to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) unemployment is back to pre-crises levels.

And prices are stable, but lower than where Janet Yellen’s employer wants them to be.

Remember Janet works for the largest banks in the United States. And the largest banks want 2% inflation rate (at least).

Why 2%…?

Because it makes it easier for their borrowers (you and me) to pay back our loans.

And deflation kills the banking sector.

And the banking sector has the best special interest group of any industry in the world.

All those $1mm a year consultants working for G.E. and Walmart on K Street in Washington D.C. would love to have a private agency like the Federal Reserve guaranteeing their fat profit margin.

Nicely done, banking sector.

So why should you care about rates…?

Your money and the future growth of it depends on where interest rates are headed in the US and abroad.

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