Market Situation Report 6.22.13

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Higher interest rates are here to stay.Now what?The world knows that higher rates are here to stay.  We know this because Ben Bernanke saw interest rates going up on the 10-year treasury, and by not saying anything, he let the market know that he would allow them to rise.

This means that higher (not necessarily high) interest rates have returned and are here to stay.

What does this mean for interest rate-sensitive investments (read: bonds)?

What does this mean for the US Dollars reserve status?

What does this mean for the over all stock market?

Most importantly, where should you put your money?

Out of the 1,000 sectors that I monitor, two and only two, liked the news this week.

Join me as I show you what I discovered.

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P.S. This week I recorded an in-depth look at what you should do with your money when The FED stops printing. This is a perfect time for you to watch it.  You can find the replay here.