Market Situation Report 7.13.13


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Wow. What a screwed up, dysfunctional investment world we live in today.

The markets are swinging up or down trillions of dollars, based on one man’s words. Did he say, “accommodative”?  Did he say “tapering”?  Did he say unemployment was too high or too low?  What is he whispering?

How crazy and upside-down can we get? Really, it’s embarrassing that this is where we are today.

And yet, this is the world we live in right now.  Love it or hate it, it is not changing anytime soon.  Yes, it will end.  Yes, it will mean the destruction of millions of people’s retirements.  And yes, it will mean a few will get really rich.

So, how can you avoid getting hurt, perhaps again?  Join me this week and I’ll show what history says is the perfect way to protect yourself.  You maybe surprised how obvious it is.

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