Market Situation Report 8.10.13

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Is more information about what happened this week (in the markets) really going to make you richer? Is it going to make you safer?  More secure?

Most people believe the answer is yes.

Most people believe that if they just have the right information analyzed about the market(s), they will get what they want.  But in reality, the more that the information is analyzed, it tends to make people more stressed, overwhelmed and poorer.   

If you are able to delete the “must dos” and “screen time” that really do not protect your wealth, you will be able to retire richer, have more time out from under the obligations of others, AND enjoy more.

If you have ever had any sort of inkling that more data and more analysis have NOT helped your portfolio grow over the past five or ten years, then you may find what I have to show you this week inspiring…or not.

Either way…I’ll show you how one guy has grown his net worth 25% (not his stock account, but his entire life’s net worth) over the past six months. This is despite him having a high percentage of his money in a sector that fell 40% this year.

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Together, we are growing and protecting your wealth,

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