Market Situation Report (Stop It)

You’ve learned how powerful stop losses can be, but you don’t
use them.  Stop it.   You keep seeking advice, but never follow
through on it. Stop it. You know you should not “time” the markets,
but you still try anyway. Stop it.

You know that finding “the one lottery-type-stock-pick” is unrealistic,
but you keep looking for it. Stop it.
You know no one will take better care of your money than you,
but you still choose to treat it badly. Stop it.
You know your conventional money manager is costing you your future,
but you won’t fire him. Stop it.

You know gold will be higher in five years, but you still trade it with
a loss. Stop it.   You know TV pundits have terrible track records,
but you still value their opinion. Stop it.  You know your emotions have
never helped you grow your money, but you still look to them for
guidance. Stop it.

You know you should save money, but you don’t. Stop it.
You know you should live within your means, but you don’t. Stop it.
You have dreams of doing more with your life, but you get stopped
by discomfort. Stop it.

You know you should only sell stock options and never buy them,
but you do just the opposite. Stop it.
You have a lot to be appreciative for this year, but you don’t allow
yourself to notice it. Stop it.
You are smarter than you let yourself believe. Stop it.

Make 2013 the year where you Stop it.

Together, we are growing and protecting your wealth,

RC Peck, CFP 

PS – Next week there will be no Market Situation Report. Rest up.
2013 is going to be a great year for your money