Mike Tyson. Tim Ferris. Your Money.

“Expect to lose 50% to 70% of your money…”

– Ray Dalio

If you don’t know who Ray Dalio is, that’s fine. He’s not a household name like Buffett or Soros.

But he does have the net worth and the stock market success to equal them…or at least be on the same playing field.

Ray is worth about $17 billion dollars. And he manages about $170 billion dollars.

Ray will often say to people if you are not ready to lose 50% to 70% of your money in stocks, bonds, currencies, or commodities you better get a plan…

…Because it’s going to happen.

Did you catch that?

Big losses happen in all assets. All of them.

So with that I want to turn to Mike Tyson, people who mediate and Tim Ferris to tell you what the heck happened in the markets on Friday and in the week.

And it doesn’t matter if you like or hate Mike Tyson or Tim Ferris. What they have to say about this weeks stock market performance will be worth the click.

Plus as a bonus you get to see what two sectors killed the over-all market on Friday alone. Hint it’s not Biotech and Healthcare again.

No, it’s two sectors that can tell us a lot about what is coming.

You can get access right here.


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