Never Take These Odds…

Never take odds of winning 11% of the time……Unless your payout is going to more than make up for the loss…AND you are willing to wait for the odds to actually pay out.

Why 11% odds?

Good question.

Did you know there are nine main sectors that make up the S&P500?

One out of nine = 11%.

The nine sectors are Energy, Staples, Healthcare, Utilities, Materials, Technology, Industrials, Finance and Consumer…

So if you bet on one of these sectors…I mean invest in one of these sectors you are making a one out of nine bet that it will outperform the overall stock market.

And as of today only four are trending higher.

So to keep things simple, you only want to be in sectors or asset classes that are outperforming the market.


Otherwise why would you want to be in them? After all, the game everyone is playing is “how do we beat the market with less risk” for long periods of time?

I have the answer.

And it’s so straightforward and simple that most people dismiss it on face value.

But if you allow yourself to think about it for more than five minutes you will almost immediately see why it works so well.

After all you already know through life experience “Simple Always Beats Complicated Over Time”.

You can check out the four price charts I want to show you right here.


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