New Lifetime Highs AND New Lows… Position Accordingly

Taking its time…

If all you’ve been thinking is, the only thing this market does is go higher, then look below. Charlie Bilello has a nice chart showing just how long it’s taken the S&P500 to break above a new 100 point mark.

In the last 20 years this is the third longest time it’s taken the S&P to break a 100 points barrier. 

Repeat after me, new lifetime highs are a sign of strength…

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Index has just closed at new lifetime highs. 

The S&P500 Index has just closed at new lifetime highs.

Inflation is nowhere to be found on this planet [right now].

Below is a chart showing the direction of Japan’s, US’s, Great Britain’s, Australia’s, Germany’s and Canada’s rate on their respective 10 year bonds.

Japan’s 10 year bond is yielding a negative -0.14% and Germany’s is yielding a negative -0.356% (a new lifetime low!!!), there’s no inflation to be seen in the bond market. 

Based on this one chart it looks like the weakest part of the world is Europe. Sorry but I’ve got to say it again, but slightly differently… repeat after me, “new lifetime lows is a sign of weakness.” 

Avoid Europe!

In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP

P.S. I’ve got two things for you this week…

Be Healthy. Be Rich…Men are taught to build, what I call “show muscles.” Those outer muscles on the body that define a person’s shape. But these muscles are about ego. And you already know ego is the enemy. But instead of “show muscles” or “ego muscles” men were taught to stretch, roll and increase their mobility first? Then what? What if mobility became the new “show-muscle?”

Here is an exercise. That you can probably never do too much of. And is 100X more important than the size of your pecs… or bi’s and tri’s. You want to have a great future. One with stability. Strength and longevity (read: no hip replacements)? Then do this everyday and live a richer, healthier life. If you don’t know the right symbols then that’s 100% of your problem…
But if you do then you’ve solved [only] 10% of your problems. The other 90% is strategic and the best symbols in the world can’t save you until your brain has dumped the head trash and rewired for growth. All of this can often be solved with this conversation.

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