No Credit…No Wealth…No Way

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No Credit…No Wealth…No Way

Global debt over the past nine years went from $80 trillion to $220 trillion, a 12% annual increase. During the same time period Global GDP increased 4% annually.

Do you see the problem I see? Too much debt.

So where is the current epicenter? Europe.

Europe is going to implode and they will have their Lehman Brothers moment, it is just a matter of time…and no, Canada’s, Japan’s, US’s, UK’s, Australia’s and China’s central bank cannot stop it. Maybe delay it but not stop it.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

Find out in this month’s Comprehensive Market Review how you can protect your purchasing power and capital so you can build your portfolio and net worth.

And just like in the animal kingdom, those that learn to adapt will survive and those that don’t will die off.

And although it is trite, you either adapt or die.

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Together, we are growing and protecting your wealth,
RC Peck

P.S.  Are you overwhelmed from the “pick of the month club”?

You know what I’m talking about. You learn about one to five new stocks a month. You add those to your current list of great stock stories and now you have 80 or more investments to choose from.

But you don’t know which ones to buy so you do nothing.

And as a result your portfolio gets a little bit smaller each year…maybe smaller in size or smaller in purchasing power. End the madness, start adapting and join the new rich.