Pizza Is Now Technology

As the world begins to accelerate, those who are paying attention are aligning their money to what is working. Here are three videos that dig into the parts of the market that are working. 

Pizza vs. Apple

There’s a reason Berkshire has stopped outperforming the market for the past 17 years. Old thinking. There is a reason “value” has underperformed for over a decade. Old thinking. Let me show you what new thinking includes and why it matters to your portfolio—whether you are 30 years old or 70.

Is Franco-Nevada a Buy in a Gold Bull Market?

Bull markets in anything are hard to outperform. The general rule is to just be part of the bull market, as that will get you 93.6% of the gains. But what about great companies in that sector—especially ones that do really well when the sector it’s part of is not doing well. Case in point: is Franco Nevada a buy?

My Kids Have Never Eaten McDonalds… I’m Serious. And Five Great Tweets

I’m bullish on (a) drive-thrus, (b) the 30-yr US Treasury yield, (c) college degrees, and (d) gold. And bearish on (a) Berkshire, (b) airlines, and (c) value stocks… and why you should be too.

P.S. Do you want to know specifically what part of your portfolio is hurting you? I promise this $95 phone call will be worth at least $950 or I’ll give you your money back. 


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