Preciously Right Is Very Expensive

Preciously Right Is Very Expensive. Video Link

John Maynard Keynes said it best, “I’d rather be roughly right than preciously wrong.”

Yet investors are always striving to be preciously right.

In March’s Comprehensive Market Look I tackle this problem along with the following:

1)    The Stock Market – The S&P 500 is hitting a price ceiling and it has just formed a
       very bearish chart formation. Buy? Hold? Or Run for the Hills?
2)    The Bond Market – Since 1989 the world has been in a “global bond market” phase.
       Guess what a 30-year US government bond averages during this phase?
3)    Real Estate – Did it really just bottom?
4)    The Economy – Is there a recession headed our way in 2012? Remember the stock
       market falls, on average, 44% during a recession.
5)    Commodities – Is Oil’s breakout above $100 a precursor to $5 a gallon gas?
6)    Currency’s – If Iran, India and China treat gold like money does that make it a
       currency? And what does that mean for your local currency?

In this month’s Comprehensive Market Look, I tell all…And it’s completely FREE.

I just posted the most recent Comprehensive Market Look explaining everything. 
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