Safe Money Is Flowing Here… – Weekend Podcast 11.29.14

Safe Money Is Flowing Here…
Better than anything else, price charts tell us how the masses are acting with their money.
This specific information is worth more than the news, people’s opinions or even your beliefs about what should happen…when it comes to getting it right, the price charts are king.
I want to show you three price charts…
…the first price chart shows you exactly what type of stock people want their money in today.
…the second price chart shows you the preferred sector that is taking in all the money now…
….and the third price chart shows you where all the safe money is flowing into.
These three price charts tell you exactly how people are thinking and behaving. Join me as I share with you what the price charts are telling us. You can get access to the podcast right here.
Again, you can immediately watch this weekend’s podcast right here.

Together, we are accelerating your wealth,

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RC Peck, CFP