Seriously, watch this podcast…

People often think you lose weight by exercising…

…but actually they’re wrong.

And if you just know the one thing to do.

Then, you can cut through all the complexity, marketing and BS…and get to the weight you want.

– Here’s the simple answer –

80% of weight loss has to do with how many calories you eat.

It doesn’t matter if you try the…
– South Beach Diet
– Raw Food Diet
– Atkins Diet
– Zone Diet
– Weight Watchers Diet
– Mediterranean Diet

They all work because of one simple thing, calorie management. That’s it.


Some people may like the Mediterranean Diet better than the Atkins Diet or maybe one diet works better for your constitution, but the concept is the same. Cut calories = lose weight.

All of this is to say:

Simple is hard to see.
Simple is hard to find.
And simple is not believable, which means it doesn’t sell well.

That’s why the diet book section of amazon has thousands of new titles published every year. It’s why the third biggest selling book on this planet is about food (after the bible and the dictionary).

Food is emotional.

And just behind food on the emotional scale is money.

Money. Weight. Food. Emotions. They all get managed by your limbic system.

So now you might start to see why you, your neighbor, your client, patient, friend, colleague, and every human…believes investing is complicated.

It just feels right. Right?

It actually feels better to your brain to believe investing is complicated and that’s why “complexity” sells better.

And that’s why big-box advisers and conventional advisers sell complication.

They sell complexity because you believe it to be true.

Unfortunately, “complexity” is bad for your money and future.


I have one powerful chart for you this weekend. One last chart to share with you in 2015.

It’s simple and uncomplicated.


It shows you exactly how you can increase your returns 70% by doing one “that-is-too-simple-to-work” step.

No BS… this is something that some big-box advisers don’t offer or even allow (true story).

You can get instant access to this year’s final weekend blog post right here.

And the great thing about this one simple trick…it’s completely free.

You can get access right here.


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