Silver vs. Gold. Dying Blue Chips. The US Dollar & Your Stability.

I got a good one for you this week. Here’s a little highlight of what’s in this week’s video.

  1. Silver has underperformed gold since 2011. That’s actually an understatement. Silver has performed so poorly in both absolute and relative terms to gold that it’s been a real problem. AND silver needs to wake up if this whole precious metals bull market is going to gain strength and accelerate past gold’s old daily high of $1900. So what silver does is important. Even though it’s a fraction the size of the gold market.
  2. One of the things gold & silver would love to see, though not necessary, is a falling US Dollar. Well, guess what? The US Dollar is falling. And how far it falls not only will impact gold and silver but also international stocks and emerging market sectors.
  3. This fall in the US Dollar is also potentially helping commodities like coffee (I’ll show you what I mean) and others. This could be the tide change that commodities have been needing for years.
  4. Beliefs… you cannot outrun, outthink or outlearn your beliefs about money and life. I talk about the three beliefs that are holding people back and hurting their financial lives. Until these three beliefs change, nothing will change.
  5. When investing you want to find the areas of the market that have strength and continue to build more strength. Let’s take a look at what is going with GDX, GDXJ, GLD and SLV and what it tells us about the near future.
  6. Just how badly has this ex bluest of blue chip companies fumbled the last 20 years and how behaviors like this are happening all over the market and hurting unsuspecting retirees. 

…And so much more. 


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