Stock Market Narratives And A Good Night’s Sleep

In eleven days the world will start its 21st month of Trade Wars. 

So what do you believe? 

Do you believe you should take cover and trade your bitcoins for water? Or do you believe the world will figure this one out like it almost always does with the rest of the crazy things that happen each year?

And of course you can believe something, no anything, in between or even outside of those two choices. Heck even giving you those two choices is a way of framing the narrative. 

In fact, it’s almost always other people’s narratives that most likely than not make us feel insufficient, inadequate or worried when maybe there’s nothing really to worry about or feel insufficient or inadequate about. 

But it’s hard for our brains to know the difference when we’ve been taught to learn through stories (read: narratives). 

So for this week’s video I look at five price charts and ask what their narrative of the trade war is AND what we might expect next. 

This week’s video looks to and listens to what 100’s of millions of people collectively are thinking. 

In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP

PS – Hello my Money Badgers… I have five things for you this week. 

  1. I love these little critters. And apparently if you do, you are in the same class as hobo’s, serials killers and Satan. Could be worse.
  2. If you don’t have the results you want with your money this is why. It’s also the same reason why I can train someone in days to have exactly what they want with the growth of their money. It’s not symbols… or rebalancing… or trading… or timing… or anything else. It’s this. And if you get one thing right. Everything else takes care of itself.
  3. So few words, carrying so much weight…
    “To be prepared against surprise is to be trained.”  James P Carse
  4.  This isn’t supposed to happen. He’s not supposed to get these. Why? Because he’s supposed to only play midgets (his own words). But he refused to be typecast. And look what happens when you question the status quo?
  5. It’s not that we are entering the best six months of the year for the stock market, it’s if the stock market doesn’t start going up soon then what does that mean for 2020 and the best six months of the year? 

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