Why Stock Trading Stopped Working in 1999

Did you unknowingly enter into a “smartness contest” against the rest of the investment world?

One of the largest and most successful companies in the last 100 years runs a secret research lab smack dab in the middle of Silicon Valley.

The guy that runs that lab (and one of its founders) is a young 47 year old with a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Stanford, a Masters of Science in symbolic computation from Stanford and a Phd. from Carnegie Mellon University in artificial intelligence.

His Doctorate thesis was on “Algorithm evolution with internal reinforcement for signal understanding.” Yeah, I know…

So for a person with this pedigree to say smartness isn’t enough is saying something. And we should listen because it has everything to do with investing.  

Moonshots, JFK & Avoiding Stock Market Crashes

To say this guy is ahead of his time is an understatement but not how you might think.

His lab is responsible for the lead in self-driving cars, flying vehicles, stratosphere-flying internet networking balloons that beam free Wi-Fi to everyone, cancer-detecting pills, smart contact lenses to assist people with diabetes and many other mind blowing inventions.

Today his lab is known as X and is a self running company that is fully owned by Alphabet.

Astro Teller is his name and his official title at X is  “Captain of Moonshots.”

Moonshots is in reference to JFK’s speech at Rice University in 1962 and then the Apollo 11 mission that put a man on the moon seven short years later.

So, here’s the question.

How do you win, when everyone is smart,
intelligent and fully informed?

In other words, how do you win when your opponent across the table is as smart, agile, informed, well funded and capable as you are?

Even more, how do you win when the other 100 million people on the other side of the table are collectively smarter, faster and more informed? Because even if you’re really smart or you buy a pick of the month newsletter written by someone really smart s/he is not smarter than everyone.

I’m asking because this is what Astro is up against.

Being smart, informed, well funded and allowed to fail is not an advantage for his lab. There are a dozen of other labs filled collectively with thousands of people that have these same attributes.

Astro’s Secret to 10X Investment Thinking

So how does he win and what does this have to do with investing?

Astro talks about how it’s often easier to think 10X better than just 10% better.

What Astro says is, if you want to increase your performance by 10%, you have to use your intelligence/resources to get that 10%. But it’s going to be a lot of work because your competitor also wants to increase their performance by 10%.

So making something 10% better enters you into a “smartness contest” against the rest of the world. And that is a lot of work. Because all of that smartness (read: data, information and speed) is also available to everyone else.

Entering an Investment “Smartness Contest” Won’t Work

But Astro doesn’t want to increase performance by 10%. And in fact he says,  it’s often harder to do so then increase thinking/results by 10X.

And if the 10X route is harder, it’s never 1000X harder. And often the 10x route is easier then the 10% route. 

JFK didn’t say, let’s make our rockets fly 10% better. He said, there’ll be a man on the moon before this decade is up. That’s 10X thinking.

Astro wants 10X thinking at his lab. He wants “people on the moon” results. And in order to get those results, entering a smartness contest doesn’t work.

Smartness Doesn’t Help Investment Performance

The internet leveled the playing field in the 21st century. This is even more true with investing. The internet made information, data, speed and intelligence a commodity. What use to be the missing link for investors is now an anchor to performance. 

So what does Astro do?

He changes the perspective of his people. He doesn’t ask for a 10% increases, he asks for a 10X increase.

And this 10X ask, changes the way the brain works.

The 10X question gets his people out of the smartness game.

No longer is the solution an information or intelligence one. It’s a perspective one. Because in order to answer the 10X question, a person’s brain is forced to change its perspective.

This is the secret.

Perspective shift = Great Investment Performance.

And its this perspective shift that creates stratospheric flying balloons that beam free WiFi to entire continents or contact lenses that read blood levels for diabetes patients.

This is how I think about it.

Imagine you are sitting in the audience and looking up at a stage where a magic act is taking place. The magic act is designed for the audience’s perspective. But what if you moved from the audience view to the side of the stage or behind the stage, or even better, within the magic act point of view!

Your perspective changes. Not your intelligence.  Not the speed of your information. And not your data feed. Your perspective.  And now the magic doesn’t look magical.

Perspective Shift = Better Investment Results

This is how perspective can shift results.  

Now imagine you are an investor, sitting in the audience looking up at the investment world on the stage. Everyone has the same view.

The audience hears: Better information is the answer. Faster information is the answer. Better stock picks are the answer. Trading is the answer. Covered calls are the answer. Diversification is the answer. Age-based investing is the answer. Self-described risk tolerance is the answer…  A different big-box adviser is the answer. A pick of the month newsletter is the answer. A different pick of the month newsletter is the answer. A trading platform is the answer…

Are You In The Audience Or On The Side Of The Stage?

But the investor has never changed their audience perspective.

They. All. Have. The. Same. View.

You can’t out-inform, out-data, and out-IQ each other from the audience perspective. And parts of the investor already knows this. They’ve already tried countless different ways of getting better, different, faster results.

And it’s not the audiences fault.  

After all picks/diversification/speed/etc. is what the big-box world and the “pick of the month” newsletter world says we need. They say we just need better information. Better stock picks. Faster trades. More intelligence.

You vs. The Investment World… Not Advised

But again, if we were to follow them (Big-box and pick of the month newsletters) down this path we enter into a smartness contest. And maybe smartness worked 20 years ago before the Internet made everything free and fast and immediate. But not today.

Heck even trading is free today.

But imagine if the investor was standing on the side of the stage looking at the investment world. It would change their perspective and how their mind thinks and acts.

This perspective change eliminates anxiety and stress and concern. This perspective change could keep the investors money safe during stock market falls of 50% like in 2000 and 2008.

How We Avoided The 2000 and 2008 Stock Market Falls

This is how Astro Teller can “moonshot” cars, transportation, diabetes, etc. And this is how we avoided the 2000 50% fall in the stock market and the 2008 58% fall. We were standing on the side of the stage and saw exactly what was happening.

If you want to learn more about Astro Teller and how his team of 10X thinkers are changing the way the rest of us live, then you can watch this, this or this.

If you’ve found yourself stuck in the audience, then you might want to consider a perspective shift.

Here’s the thing. Getting to the side of the stage can’t be done with consuming information. It has to be trained.

Needless to say, people are skeptical.

Yet, despite that, my training clients get to work. Apply our one-tool approach. And immediately start noticing an elimination of anxiety/fear/stress with the markets.

And before anything happens. They get on the phone. They swallowed their fear. And they have a phone conversation with me or someone on my team. 

When both sides see it as a fit, we offer our Training Program.  And just like that, everything changes.

Performance changes. Net worth changes. Clarity changes. All done by themselves.

No big team. No army of advisers.

By themselves.

One person. One training. One Tool.

And a different world perspective.

That’s what happens when your perspective changes from the audience to the side of the stage.

That’s what happens when you have one powerful tool, a system that works, and us in your corner.  

And if individuals can do it with jobs, kids, careers, travel schedules and life showing up, is there any reason why YOU can’t do it with wherever you are?

The truth: I’m not sure. I don’t know you personally, yet.

But there’s one way to find out: Book a call with my team or me here.

We’ll put our heads together for about 45 minutes. You can tell us all about your experience, and what has and has not been working.

Together, we’ll help you figure out what you can do to avoid the fall or participate in the next move higher, and how you can implement it yourself to finally have your money aligned with the markets.

You know, we have a lot of competitors. Lots of copycats, too.

But if any of them can take a person in eight short weeks and eliminate their anxiety and stress while getting their money aligned and growing without trading or spending almost anytime in front of the computer, I’ll eat my keyboard.

Only Fearless Wealth’s Training can do that.

Book a call here. Let’s see what we can do for you.

In Your Corner,

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