Do You Own The Strongest Asset of 2018?

strongest asset

The greatest value of a picture, is it forces us to notice what’s actually happening, and not what we want to happen. Pictures force us to treat our money better.

And that means “picture-based-investors” are going to have their portfolios in assets that they might not expect.

They could have part of their portfolios allocated to gold, even if they are not building bunkers in the hills of Idaho and blogging about being a gold bug.

They might own a significant amount of international stocks even if they are true blue blooded Americans. And they might own huge amount of bonds even if they weren’t born before 1950.

You see, “picture-based-investing” is the best noise filter for a person’s portfolio.

Did you know the strongest asset this year is actually not even considered an asset by 99% of investors?

It’s true.

Below are 10 price charts showing you just how strong this one [non] asset has been throughout 2018. And it’s beating almost everything under the sun this year except this one, often forgotten segment of the investment world.

And it’s this one segment that is absolutely crushing everything.

Below are 10 images of… wait for it… almost there… the US Dollar crushing other major asset classes.

Please note I will show these ten charts with very little commentary as I will let these “picture-based-investment” images speak for themselves.  

Note: All 10 price chars has the US Dollar in blue and its competition in red. All of them.

The US Dollar vs The S&P500

SP500 vs USD

The US Dollar vs All-World Ex US


The US Dollar vs Emerging Markets


The US Dollar vs Euro

Euro vs USD

The US Dollar vs The Yen

The US Dollar vs Gold

Gold vs USD

The US Dollar vs Commodities



The US Dollar vs Oil

Oil vs USD


The US Dollar vs The US 10-Year Bond

10yr US Bond vs USD

The only part of the investment world (or at least one of the only parts) that the US Dollar is NOT dominating is Utilities.

As you  can see in the price chart below. Utilities are not only holding their own against the US Dollar but are clearly out-performing.

The US Dollar vs Utilities

Market corrections do not have to be traumatic.

There is a better way to invest. A way where the investor puts the asset classes at the center of their investment universe and not themselves.

When investors put themselves at the center of their investment universe they are creating stress, angst, overwhelm and confusion.

Yes, it’s the investor’s money. But by putting themselves at the center they are creating instability, fewer choices and sleepless nights.

Are you putting yourself at the center of your investment universe?

You are if your Big-Box advisor built a well diversified portfolio based on your age and self-described risk tolerance.

You are if you’ve had your money in cash for the past two, three or even four years because of scary headlines (and manipulations) coming out of the “pick-of-the-month” newsletter world.

There’s a better way.

A way with less work, more clarity and a very real feeling of knowing you will have enough. Regardless.

In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP

P.S. The year is closing but it’s not too late. There’s a better way to invest. And I’m willing to talk to you one-on-one about it. But there really isn’t much time left. Get on my calendar and we can connect.




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