Stuck In A Channel

Flat 200-day moving averages are dangerous and so are price channels…

They’re dangerous because the price action while inside a channel with a flat 200-day moving average plays havoc on the investor’s emotions and account size.

One week the S&P500 is up 10% and another week it’s down 10%.  So, if you don’t have a proven investment system to alert you to specific “areas of attention” then your mind will make the worst of it.

You’ll be feeling like you’re winning and then you’ll be whiplashed into feeling like your crashing.

My strategy, MPX (Market Probability Strategy), has two main signals. A primary and a secondary that have to trigger before making a move.


Until the first signal gets triggered you (or your brain) actually don’t have to pay attention. And then you really only have to wait until the second one gets triggered.

What it does is allow you and your money to stay in the uptrends longer while getting alerted to avoid potential large drops.

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…Where I’ll show you exactly what the S&P500 is up against and what it needs to do to make a choice (up or down) to break out of this channel.

Get access to my weekend podcast right here.


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