Take A Giant Step Back… – Weekend Podcast 7.26.14


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I’m stuck in traffic on the 101 in Silicon Valley heading south to Palo Alto to meet a client for lunch. The traffic is at a stand still…

And my emotions take over.

I completely lose perspective and my logical brain shuts down and I start thinking up all of these “what if” scenarios.

What if I don’t make it?

What if I’m late?

What if there’s an accident ahead and I’m stuck here?

What if I have to cancel?

What if…?

Then I do this one thing and everything changes.

And it’s this one thing that I want to share with you this weekend. You see, it’s this one thing that can be the difference between growing your portfolio or shrinking it.

Join me to see if you also do this one thing.

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Together, we are accelerating your wealth,

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