The Billionaires vs. The Central Bankers


The S&P500 has just finished six straight quarters with declining revenue numbers…

…And the last two quarters with declining profits.

…And the only thing companies are doing with their zero-interest-rate-policy debt is to continue buying back their own stock and hopefully their competitors.

So none of them [as a group] are investing in capital expenditure, at least not in a meaningful way.

In other words, publicly traded companies aren’t growing.

And yet those darn Central Banks hope those low rates and printed money somehow makes companies profits expand.

And wait there’s more.

For the bottom 80% of Americans, their income has been falling since 2000… that’s 16 years with no increase in wages.

And people wonder why the middle class, which is quickly becoming the lower class, is acting up with their vote and nominating a non-politician to run for president.

This is what happens when the middle class starts to die. All they have left is their vote.

And they’re using it.

You can’t make this stuff up.

And so we look to the price charts to give us, as good a forecast, as we can hope for.

And the forecast this day, week, month, quarter…?

It’s a fight between two of the largest currencies on the planet.

On one side you have nine of the richest people on this planet…and on the other you have the four strongest Central Bankers in a generation.

And they are fighting it out. And the winner of this fight will have a huge impact on how people structure their portfolio for years to come.

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