The Bottom’s In For Gold…


When was the last time you heard the statement, “the bottom’s in for gold…?”

…or for silver?
…or for oil?
…or for housing?
…or for anything that’s been falling for, what seems like, forever?

If you’ve followed John Doody or King World News or any other heavily biased gold person then you’ve heard those words written or spoken one too many times over the past four and a half years.

Gold peaked in September, 2011 at $1,919 and just recently hit a low of $1,045 this December.

And yet gold’s year to date return is just shy of 11%. Compare that to the S&P500’s yearly return of negative 8% and gold is really starting to catch some attention.


Did gold bottom?
And did the trend finally turn?

I have nine ratio-charts that will immediately give you clarity.

I’m not sure which one you are going to like best, the one that shows the ratio between the large and small cap precious metal mining companies…

…Or the one that shows you how much of a discount you can still buy gold and silver for when compared to their melt value….

…Or one of the other seven.

Whichever one it is, you will immediately know when you see it.

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