The Five Biggest Surprises From Trump’s Win


Bewilderment means to be perplexed, confused and puzzled. But it goes beyond that, it implies a state of complete mystification. Being utterly baffled.

And that is how every single polling company and news agency was feeling while calling the election Tuesday night.


And this is important.

We saw that same bewilderment with economists and The Fed missing the largest housing bubble in the history of the United States. We saw this bewilderment in big-box advisers allowing their clients to lose 50% of their money twice in 2000 and 2008.

And we’re seeing it again. You get it. Nothing has changed. “They” got it wrong again.

“They” being the experts. The soothsayers. The noble elite. They were wrong… again.

And this includes all the fear-mongering newsletters out there. The world didn’t stop and the US market didn’t fall 20%.


Fear sells “pick of the month” newsletters, but it doesn’t grow your portfolio.

— — —

So what can we learn from Tuesday’s election results?

1) Everybody got it wrong.

Every single polling company, even, which claims to be best at predicting election results got it wrong. And not just a little wrong. Really wrong. In scientific terms this is called “group-think”. It’s when everyone is thinking the same, which means no one is thinking.

It reminds me of big-box advisers. And how they let their clients take the full hit of the last two 50% falls in the stock market.

2) When a government prints trillions of dollars and drops interest rates to zero AND the benefit of those actions only goes to the “protected class”…then the top one, two or even three percent of the public expect the bottom 97% to get really pissed off, eventually.

This group of unprotected people stood up collectively and said, “enough” to Washington DC. This is how a foul mouthed, misogynistic, xenophobic person can be elected. The unprotected class was voting for a revolution in DC. And revolutions do not come from within. They come from the outside, by people saying, “enough”.

And regardless of what actual words Trump used, what he said each time he opened his mouth was, “I am not one of them and I hear your pain.”

3) The US stock market loved the results of Tuesday’s election.

4) The international stock market hated the results of Tuesday’s election.

Which, if you’ve been following me, for any amount of time you’ll know that I’ve been telling you to stay out of the international market. And if you do go into it, start small.

5) The bond market HATED the election results.

Yes, I know I used “all caps”. And there’s a reason. The bond market had its biggest one day increase in yields ever. Remember, when yields go up, price goes down. This could potentially be a very big problem for anyone holding bonds.

My guess…all those trillions in US bonds sitting outside the US just started getting handed back to the US.

So the question is Where Do The Markets Go From Here?

I’m going to answer that question Monday, November 21st at 1PM Pacific time.

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And with that, let’s jump to this weekend’s podcast, where I’ll talk about the five biggest surprises.

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