The Money Printers Are Winning

Morally it doesn’t make any sense. And if you think about it more than a minute, it’s intellectually difficult to grasp, but…

The Money Printers Are Winning. Click here.

Six years ago, The United States started an experiment of printing trillions of dollars.

And the world, including me, thought it would lead to consumer-inflation.
It didn’t…

So far it has “only” led to asset-inflation.

In fact, today we have almost zero inflation in the West.

So guess where the money is flowing this year?

Yep, to the money printers…

But which money printer?

China – through easy credit?

Japan – through a falling currency?

Europe – through negative interest rates and some printing?

Or another country?

Join me, as I’ll show you where the money has been flowing this year.

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