The Most Crowded Trade In History


On June 26th 2014, West Texas Intermediate Crude (US Oil) was standing at $106.89 a barrel, just barley down from its life time high of $110.84.

At the exact same time with oil prices hovering around $107 the biggest long position in history in oil was in play.

And it wasn’t a long position made up of ‘mom and pops’… it was the big boys. The commercial traders of oil.

And then six days later, oil started to fall from its triple digit position and didn’t fully stop for two long years until it hit $26 and change.

That’s a fall of $81 or 76%.

Well guess what?

There are three [simultaneous] “most crowded trades in history” happening right now.

If you’d like to know what they are and how it might be able to help you figure out what really works, then this weekend’s podcast is for you.

You can get access right here.

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RC Peck, CFP