The Most Important Number In the World

important number

Emotions follow price

News follows price

Account size follows price

Opinions follow price

Future choices follow price

Length of vacations follow price

Future invested money follows price

Yields follow price

Airline ticket costs follow price

Pension returns follow price

Fundamental data follows price

Price to earnings ratios follows price

Price to book ratios follows price

Price to sales ratios follows price

Stock grants follow price

Bonuses follow price

Mortgage rates follow price

Value follows price

Stress follows price

Arrogance follows price

Humbleness follows price

Behavior follows price

Sleep quality follows price

Anxiety levels follow price

Overwhelm levels follow price

Companies stability follows price

How long someone has to work follows price

Not having to have a difficult conversation with your spouse follows price

Everything will be okay if…

… your money is following price. Why? It’s never been restated. It digests information better than any human or computer. And it’s always forward looking with a view that can see farther than anyone or anything else.

  • Do you believe gold is a great investment? Does price agree with you.
  • Do you believe bonds are a great investment? Does price agree with you.
  • Do you believe stocks are a great investment? Does price agree with you.

Get to a place with your investing so price [direction] is always agreeing with you.

In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP

P.S. People don’t own companies, they own the price chart of the company. Are you doing what’s best for your money? And how would you know if you weren’t. Book a call and let’s look over your portfolio to see where we can find the hidden problems.   



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