The Only Two Things That Matter

After 119 years and ten’s of thousands of books, papers, research documents, dissertations and careers spent…all in the name of finding out what really works in investing – there’s only been two conclusions ever found.…the answer is not big-box advisor’s mantra of diversify and rebalance
…or conventional independent advisor’s mantra of…well the same
…it’s not active monthly picking of stocks with great stories (sorry newsletter business)

And the academics and everyday people that are researching today will come to the same two conclusions the thousand that came before them have…yet they will spend years and [unfortunately] part of their future paying the price in finding what really works.

So, with this weekend’s podcast I wanted to share with you the only two things that work in investing…

And here’s the thing, you have to use both of these “things”. And if you only use one then you are no better off than those that are still groping in the darkness of research.

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RC Peck, CFP