The Science of What Really Works In Investing


There are some big changes coming in 2017…

From the market’s point of view we have three major assets setting up for huge moves. Of those three assets I talk about two of them today because they are setting up in the exact same way.

These are two assets that affect every single person on this planet… even people that have zero Dollars/Yens/Euros/Yuans/Pounds in the market.

It’s a biggie.

The second part of what’s changing in 2017 is how I connect with you.

After many years of wanting a better way to support both your needs and wants I’ve taken the plunge and have started a Facebook group.

My Facebook group is called, “Fearless Wealth: The Science of What Really Works In Investing”.

There is a huge gap in the “help people protect and grow their money” world.

It’s not just how the big-box advisers can’t help.

And it’s not just how the “pick-of-the-month” newsletter industry can’t help…

It’s even bigger then that because the science is very clear that our own brains AND minds often work against us to do what is best for our money.

It’s going to be a good year, you can join my new Facebook group here.

And please be patient because each person needs to be approved by us.

We are committed that our Tribe is a collection of the best.

Here’s your link to this week’s podcast.

In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP