The Signal Or The Noise?

In the past two weeks I’ve had two things break in my life…

Both times my emotions started to hijack my mind and body. My emotions did their best to make these two situations a bigger deal than they were.

Yes…both situations sucked. And yes…situations happen sometimes even when you are fully prepared.

But what was so interesting was how the emotions were creating so much noise in my body and mind. That I almost could have forgotten that I was not being chased by wild animals.

I bring this up because I often hear “professionals” talk about how emotions have to be managed and understood in order to grow your money.

Yes…and no.

If you want to understand your emotions and start to notice them (and not just be them) then start a mediation practice.

But if you want to grow your money, then it’s important to have a signal so you can eliminate the noise in the market (and…in your body and mind).

You can see my signal right here.


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