The Straightforward Concept That Beats 99%…

I’m not asking you to believe me.Heck of the 20,000 people on my email list most are strangers.

So I’m not asking you to believe me, I’m just saying what is.

And here it is…

Over any five-year period going back to 1871, The S&P500 beats 99% of all other [non-leveraged] investments.

There I said it.

It beats everything.

It beats inflation, bonds, housing, gold, silver, hedge funds, VC funds…99% of the time.

That also means that 1% of the time it doesn’t. But really? It still sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

So why has a multi-billion dollar industry (Wall Street) been built to do what you can get for free…?

I answer that question right here

But there’s a twist to it…one that I let a dead Italian Physicists describe.

Also included are three great charts that are going to make you rethink what you’re doing with your money today.

And…I’ll even demonstrate how too much information has killed people’s portfolios since 1871.

You can have immediate access here


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