The Trophy Society – Weekend Podcast 2.1.14

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I grew up playing soccer in Illinois. During my Midwest childhood the only sport less cool than soccer was badminton. So us soccer players got teased a lot. 

Whenever we played tournaments only the top three teams would get a trophy. Everyone else went home empty handed. And this is how life was…for a while. There were people that would win (the ones with better skills), and there were people that would lose. 

Then something happened right around the year 2000. It seems that since 2000, every team, person, mascot, and water-boy gets a trophy just for signing up, in fact they don’t even have to show up! 

Somehow losing wasn’t allowed anymore. Is losing bad? Is there something wrong with losing? 

Apparently yes, losing wasn’t allowed anymore. 

While this was happening, there were a few select, extremely influential people, who took notice and changed the rules so everyone could get a trophy. No more losing. 

Hurray. Right? 


This is where things are going to start to get bad, very quickly for those that do not have the skills, even though their shelves are filled with trophies. 

So who are these men? And what did they do? And how is this change going to affect you personally? 

Join me as I show you who these people are, how they created the Trophy Society, and who’s going to go home empty handed (lose). 

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