The Two Biggest Economic Indicators… Ignore At Your Own

What should you do?

Gold is correcting.
The US Dollar is in a 15-month 8% sideways channel.
The S&P500 is in a 24-month 15% sideways channel.
Bond Yields are still trending lower after 33 years.
World GDP is slowing.
Japan is in a terminal GDP decline.
China is one of the fastest aging countries on the planet.
Five billion people on this planet are in intense crises.
Wages are stalled at 2000 price levels for the bottom 80%.
Italy is the Japan of Europe.
The Central Bank is impotent.
QE did not work for the bottom 99%.
IP (intellectual property) is king and not manufacturing. Sorry middle-America.

Have a plan for uncertainty.

How do I know we are in uncertain times. I refer to the two biggest economic indicators on the planet. You can see them and know instantly where the world is.

Click here to see what the two biggest economic indicators are. I can almost guarantee, you’ve never seen these two economic indicators.

And they are flashing concern.


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