The United States of Jimbabwe

The United States of Jimbabwe,

Question –

What do you get when you combine the worst economic policies of Japan from the 1990s and 2000s with the worst economic policies of President Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe?

You get The United States of Jimbabwe.

You get the worst possible outcome for 100% of the middle class as well as 95% of the population hoping their government representatives [gulp] intervene to save the country.

You get (or should I say, America will get) –

Stubbornly high unemployment
Continued wage deflation for the middle class
Continued massive defaults by consumers
Massive defaults from cities, counties and states
Increased foreclosures nationwide
Bigger zombie corporations (think Bank of America, Citigroup, etc.)
Massive deficits (currently running at $1,500,000,000,000 a year)
Gigantic debts – that will never be paid off
Hyperinflation (definition = the loss of faith in a currency)
Rising prices in commodities, precious metals and stupidity
Increased misallocated government funds
The loss of free markets

Basically, you get the worst of all situations.

And yes, The United States of Jimbabwe is what you get.

Let me be clear. This is not going to happen. IT IS HAPPENING.

What you get is a government guaranteeing that a select few will profit and everyone else will suffer.

What is happening today is nothing short of the largest wealth transfer in the history of the world.

And while most people are just hoping Lady Gaga comes out with a new single, there are a few people that are absolutely cleaning up by selectively positioning themselves alongside the richest people in the world.

You get to choose…but do so quickly.

And please don’t think John Boehner and the Republicans will change anything. The Republicans (along with those other crooks politicians called the Democrats) created the mess we are in.

Have you noticed I keep saying the same thing over and over? I keep saying, this is happening right here.

Right now.

We are all part of history and history is happening right now.

I know in action is easier.
I know you don’t have time.
I know “busy” has become the new “lazy”.
I know doing nothing and hoping things change is easier.
I know knowing what to do is not enough and has never been enough.
I know you wish someone else could just do this for you.

I know.

You can choose what side of the wealth transfer you are standing on. You cannot stop it. But you can position yourself.

Are you ready? Are you positioned?

This year is going to be a wild ride. Buckle your seatbelts and start mingling with an investment peer group that raises the power of your net worth.

Together, we are growing and protecting your money,

RC Peck, CFP

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