The Worst Opening Week Ever…What Does It Mean?


Sideways markets are painful.

One day, you think all the pain is behind you. You get up, the market is up 2.25% and you think, “Yes…! it’s going to be a good day.”

And then…

You wake up the next morning and the following four mornings after that and the market is down. And then you think, “What was I thinking…? Why did I even buy those symbols…?”

And then…

For the next six weeks all seems to be fine again. The market increases 10%, your symbols look good and you remember why you bought them.

And then…it starts over again and the market is down hard.

A sideways market, which we’ve been in for 17 months, is painful because the level of uncertainty is higher than when the market just falls for a couple years.

Sideways markets keep prodding you to still keep hoping, “it will turn out.”

Well, this week was one of those uncertainty weeks. In fact, it’s the worst in history.

As we end the first week of 2016, we already set a record here in the US, it was the worst opening week ever!

And with that, I want to show you the two most important charts for 2016…

…AND the four charts that defined 2015 and will be greatly influencing 2016.

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