There’s A 100% Chance of A Stock Market Crash in the Next Three Years

Did You Read That Subject Line?

It’s a doozy. If I read it and I was already worried about the stock market crashing I would instantly open that email and look for information that aligned with what I already believed. And that’s the problem. People are most interested in learning about “new” information that already aligns with what they believe. You believe the stock market is going to crash? Simple, just listen to Porter Stansberry or read anything on Zerohedge. You believe gold is going to $10,000 an ounce? Simple, just read anything on KingWorldNews.

You get it? Facts don’t matter. Even when they are clearly spelled out. And that’s why Trump did so well. Despite the fact he may be mentally ill. And that is why Hillary also did well, even though she embodies much that is broken with this country. Both people have their base. And that base is not going to change. So the election will be closer than people think it will be.


So What? 

What does this even have to do with investing and that super hypey subject line? Everything. There actually is a 100% chance of a market crash (30% to 50%). We just don’t know when. My guess, is it will happen in the next three years. I lay out in the video below why I believe a large market correction (aka crash) is pretty much baked into the cake over the next three years.

The problem with my “prediction” is that It won’t sell any “pick of the month” newsletters. It’s like saying, its going rain in the next three years.


It would be better if I said the following…

“According to my research, there are five charts that prove the stock market is on the cusp of a 50% crash… or more. The last time these five charts were aligned just like this was 1929. Right before the market fell 89%. That’s not a misprint. Unfortunately, I have a remarkable track record for making major economic predictions… Predictions so accurate that heads of state bow when I enter the room… and on and on and on…”

The Coming Crash

Guys, hype sells. Fear sells. I know it. You know it. Watch the video below where I put together the pieces of why the probabilities are high that we actually still have one big correction in front of us before we move into the next expansionary cycle.


In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP  


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