These Four Charts Tell You Everything… – Weekend Podcast 10.25.14

These Four Charts Tell You Everything You Need To Know About The World Economy Today – click here.

What if Ben and Barack were right? That’s Ben Bernanke and Barack Obama in case you don’t know them by their first names like you do Bono or Oprah.

What if printing eight trillion dollars (deficit spending that will never be paid back + Fed money printing) was the right thing to do?

What if the “Black Swan” event is that, there is no event?


I want to share with you four price charts that tell you the story of the early mover.

Not familiar with the term “early mover”? It’s a favorite phrase, here in Silicon Valley over the past 15 years. An early mover is the first to move into a space.

Uber moved first into the “car on demand app” space for example. Or Amazon was the early mover into selling books over the Internet.

Anyway, what if Ben and Barack got the early mover advantage and that the BLACK SWAN event is that, there will be no event?

Check out these four charts (click here) that tell you everything you need to know about what is happening right now from an economic point of view.

Forget all the academic economists stuck looking in their rearview mirror. Check out these four charts that are looking out 6 to 12 months in front of them.

The reason these four charts are so important is because if these charts aren’t going up then there are big problems.

See for yourself right here.

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