They’re Watching You…

The email below hit my inbox Sunday, September 2nd in the evening. The only thing I added was a link that he mentioned.

— — —

There were red flags.

Which is an understatement.

It’s not that I can’t recognize when somethings wrong…

It’s just that… I didn’t know where to start.

Losing half my money in 2000 was a sign. Losing half my money again in 2008 was a sign. Not being able to justify losing half my money twice with a big-box adviser managing it was a sign.

Having an approach I couldn’t understand myself was a sign. Having a constant sick feeling in my stomach about the market was a sign. Not knowing how to filter every negative news headline was a sign. Not being able to speak about my approach without using jargon was a sign.

I know all of those things are bad signs of what might be coming in the years ahead for my money but where should I have started?

Everyone I ever went to said the same things to me. They all sounded the same.

And look, I’m not one of those people that just believes everyone, I’m a skeptic. And I earn well. Above $200k a year. AND I’ve got my masters degree from a top ten business school.

The bottom line, I thought I was too smart to be taken advantage of. To be hijacked by news. And swayed by smartly written stories.

I yet… I find myself moving through pick of the month newsletters like people do with magazine subscriptions. If I’m honest, I’ve probably spent tens of thousands of dollars on pick of the month newsletters over the years.

Heck, last week when you talked about the one perfect stock near the end of your blog I found myself reacting like an addict.

(RC here, if you want to know what perfect stock Roger is referencing, you can find it here.)

I’m getting clear that the problems my investments are having must start with me. Please don’t stop writing your weekly blog. Though there are many people that are better known than you, and I don’t always track what you are saying, no one talks about investing the way you do.


Roger S.

— — — —

Thank you Roger.

I will not stop the blog posts. This is a place where I do my thinking out loud and then listen to feedback (good or bad).

I want to share a question with you Roger.

“If not for you. Then how about for another you?”

Stick with me. As I can explain.

Below is a picture of me.

I’m 47 years old (not shown, but I have two beautiful young kids – more about this later).


So why am I showing a picture of me?

Because one thing that helped me start to shift my thinking was, who was I willing to change for? Apparently it wasn’t me.

When I was in my late-twenties. I never once thought about myself at 70 or 80 years old. I mention my late-twenties because this was the time in my life that I put the stake in the ground and declared I would learn what really worked in investing.

I spent my own money. I traded commodities on the Coffee, Sugar Cocoa Exchange. And lost all of it. I bought every infomercial (money) product I could find. I bought all the weekend trading courses I could find.

And you know what?

Nothing changed.

BUT things did start to change when I figured out I was the real problem. Believe me this did not come as good news.

But here’s one thing that helped.

Once I figured out more information wasn’t going to help. I pivoted. As crazy as it might sound to you (it did to me) I went to a Visualing Workshop.

One of the exercises they had us do was visualize yourself at 50 and 75 and even at 100 years old.

Here I am at 69 years old (below).

What are the hopes and dreams of this person? What did he wish he did differently? What wakes him up in the middle of the night? Is he okay? Does he know it? How are his two little beauties doing (now 33 years old (my son) and 29 years old (my daughter))? How are they doing? What could he have done differently 22 years ago to help his two little ones?

These are the right questions to be asking.

Its’ funny.

I can be more compassionate towards my 69 year old self then I can to my 47 year old self.

So when I find myself not doing the things that are best for me.

  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Great friendships
  • Investing

I think of me 22 years in the future. I look at that picture.

Because here’s the deal. Where we are today is a collection of all the choices we made up to today.

The same goes for our money and investments.

The choices I made a year ago, five years ago, ten years ago and 20 years ago, have put me in the place I am today.

Notice I said, “have put me.” I didn’t end up here. I got here one choice at a time.

Now I’m not saying you have to go to a Woo-Woo workshop. But I am saying, if you find yourself stuck and don’t know where to start. Think about yourself in five years. Or ten years. Or even 12 months from now.

And ask, what’s really going to create the changes you want to see in your money?

And you might not be able to make the change for yourself.

Maybe you have to think of your kids in 20 years. Or your wife in 20 years. Or the charity you funded in 20 years. What difference can you make in their lives by taking the uncomfortable road today?

When I raced in my 60 mile endurance race. I mostly thought of my kids. What lessons am I teaching to my kids if I quit?

I ask my kids to do dangerous things, so I better level up too and do the work. Not just with money but in all areas of my life.

They’re watching…

… even if they’re in their 40’s.

In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP

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