This Is Really Going To Hurt…

Back in 2010 the largest “pick-of-the-month” newsletter company came out with a campaign called, “The End of America”.

This well written fictitious piece of writing was about how America’s rein was finished because its reserve currency, the US Dollar, was about to get wiped out. And…all Americans wealth be wiped out if they did not act fast.

Because I’ve been in the stock research world for almost 20 years, I have made friends with some of those copy writers.

And I can tell you that the “End of America” campaign was the single most profitable campaign in “pick-of-the-month” newsletter history.

So why does this matter?

Because the story’s conclusion never happened. AND most of all these story’s conclusions never happen…but your amygdala doesn’t know that.

On a side note…I bet I’m the only investment research company in the world that talks about the amygdala… and yet this is where the battle is lost or won.

If your amygdala gets triggered…it’s all over. You will make rash, short-term decisions just to make sure you make it until tomorrow.

And so if you really want to grow your money. And if you really want to know what works then you have to understand that when your amygdala gets triggered, things start going badly immediately.

So what is an investor to do?

I answer that question today by looking at one 35 year price trend…that once it breaks, things could actually get bad.

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