This Is The Next Lehman Brothers

Lehman Brothers

How Low Can The S&P500 Go?

I just finished recording an 18 minute video that answers seven questions on most investors minds.  At the top of the list is the question, How low can the S&P 500 go?

You will see why a 20% correction is a very important number to watch. You will also see how low this market can go if it’s not able to hold its 20% low on December 24th.

From here you will see why I knew this correction was going to be much worse than the 10% correction in early 2018.

Watch the entire video right here.

Are Bonds Safer Than Cash?

At the five Minute and 36 second mark you will specifically see when the investment world started to worry about their future.

You’ll be able to see with clarity why focusing on the five asset classes provides more clarity than a hundred “pick of the month” investment newsletters.

You will also see why “age-based-investing” is a leak and an area of risk to an investors’ portfolio.

When an investor keeps their approach powerfully simple, they can see the key turning points in the market and have insight days, weeks and even months in advance.

Watch the entire video right here.

Is The US Dollar Still Safe?

At the eight minute and 15 second mark you’re going to see what the US Dollar is telling you to do. You will also see how an asset like cash, can be a place of growth and stability sometimes.

Is the US Dollar still holding up or is it starting to show weakness relative to the stock market?

Is the US Dollar holding its own against the bond market, or did the bond market just take over as the safest asset on the planet?

Watch the entire video right here.

Is Oil’s 45% drop Foreshadowing A Global Recession?

At the nine minute and 28 second mark you are going to be able to zero in on commodities and oil.

Oil’s 45% drop in 56 trading days is one of the fastest price falls in Oil’s history. What is oil trying to tell us?

And does this mean the world has already entered into a recession and the stock market just figured it out?

This matters as Oil also started falling very hard three months before Lehman Brother went bankrupt in 2008.

Watch the entire video right here.

Is THIS Bank The Next Lehman Brothers?

At the eleven minute and 19 second mark you are going to see what might be the next Lehman Brothers.

This bank matters, as it’s one of the largest in the world. One of the largest in its economic-block, and the largest in its country. This bank is perhaps the most important bank on the planet.

If this bank fails and goes to zero like Lehman Brothers, the world markets are going to fall hard.

Watch the entire video right here.

Is The US-China Trade War Going To Pull Down The Market?

At the thirteen minute and 49 second mark you will want to see what’s happening with China’s stock market index, the Shanghai Index.  

When the largest and the second largest economies on the planet fight, everyone losses… even Apple. But that doesn’t mean the investor has to lose.

You see investors are free to move their money between stocks, bonds, cash and commodities. And since these are the only four asset choices (outside of Real Estate), you can learn very quickly where the stability is in the investment world.

So… is China starting to firm up and build a base or is it on the edge of a larger move lower? The price charts will clearly show the likelihood of their next move.

Watch the entire video right here.

What Happens When The Second Largest Central Bank On The Planet Stops Printing Money?

In late October 2018, The European Central Bank let world know it was going to stop its money printing (read: QE or Quantitative Easing) on December 13th, 2018.

What happens when the second largest Central Bank joins the largest Central Bank (The Fed) and stops printing money?

I’m asking because many believe the collective 12 trillion dollars in various money printing schemes around the world raised the level the of the stock market from 2009 to just last year.

If you are one to believe printing trillions of dollars along with zero and negative interest rates was a key reason why stock markets around the world went higher. Then you must also believe the elimination of printing and a reversal (read: quantitative tightening) could also pull the markets lower.

Watch the entire video right here.

The biggest take away…

There’s a better way, a way without having to “hold the course” or suffer through a big fall just because your big-box advisor doesn’t actually know how to best protect.

And that better way has to do with replacing yourself as the center of your investment universe WITH the understanding which of the five assets is leading, following or falling behind.

Investing doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  

In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP

P.S. There’s a better way to invest. And I’m willing to talk to you one-on-one about it. But there really isn’t much time left this year. Get on my calendar and I can show you where you portfolio is leaking.

P.P.S. The Fearless Wealth Method is as much the art of keeping yourself sane in an unfair and overwhelming world as it is a way to protect your money and future. Take the leap of faith and let’s talk about what’s really going on with your money. This is the easiest way.

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