This One Thing Happened Before EVERY Major Market Crash – Weekend Podcast 7.5.14


This one thing happened before every major market crash – click here.

After an event happens, it is always very clear what could have been done differently. One’s understanding of that event after it already developed has excruciating clarity to the observer.

And what is often obvious and right in front of our nose can be the hardest to see.

It’s like asking a fish to describe water.


What’s water?

One has to be separate to be able to see.

So, it’s with interest that this major quasi “government” organization has not been able to see the thing that is right in front of it.

So why care?

You can find out here and how its lack of foresight has caused EVERY major market crash in the twentieth and twenty-first century.

Scary stuff.

You can check out my weekend podcast right here.

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