This should never happen… – Weekend Podcast 6.21.14


This should never happen…but it does all the time – click here 

The dragonfly should not exist…really.

Scientists, like the really smart ones, have not been able to figure out how dragonflies fly.

They have no idea.

The aerodynamics and physics that are at play with this creature should not be able to happen.

And yet, I’m sure you’ve seen one with your own eyes. So you know they actually do know how to fly. In fact, they are so good at flying that they have the highest kill-ratio of any predator on this planet. 97%.

Well, there is a “dragonfly” like event that happens in the investment world. And just like dragonflies, this event should never be able to happen.

And yet…

It does all the time. And this “should-not-happen” event might be one of the ways for you to safely accelerate your wealth.

You can check it out here in my weekend podcast.  Click here.

Together, we are accelerating your wealth,

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